►  The quality of the training classical musicians receive in Europe is second to none.  As a result of numerous Academies that are connected to leading orchestras and ensembles, the best young musicians can gain valuable, practical and professional experience parallel to their college / conservatoire education.

►  In addition to this, the last few years have seen a growth in the number of western style symphony orchestras outside Europe that work to high artistic standards.

GIOYANNI ARTISTS has seized upon both of these developments and offers orchestras worldwide, as well as the already established European ensembles, a simplified way to find experienced, qualified extra players.

Not only does this alleviate the workload for the orchestral management; individual musicians will have the chance to play in various orchestras – particularly overseas – where they can gain professional experience and broaden their artistic horizons. 

The conditions for applying free of charge to be registered on our books

►  a successful audition in front of our Artistic Panel or

►  verified long-term professional experience in a top-flight European orchestra.