How it works:

1  Registration

Orchestral managers can turn to us when searching for highly qualified musicians in all instrumental groups. The GIOYANNI ARTISTS database only contains musicians who have regular professional experience in leading European orchestras and/or those who have been assessed by our Artistic Panel. You can find examples of the high standard of our musicians here.

Every musician must register with our service once in order to be notified of up to the minute enquiries from orchestras around the world. To continually guarantee the quality of musicians in the GIOYANNI ARTISTS database, we check every application thoroughly before it is accepted.  Specifically, we require verification of professional experience, references and/or a successful audition in front of our Artistic Panel.

2  Enquiry

As an orchestral manager, you have the ability to send quick and targeted enquiries to specifically qualified musicians via our platform. Our electronic template enables you to set your exact conditionsand requirements to find the musician with the corresponding training/experience (for example, a musician who performs on period instruments; knowledge of specific opera; etc.). 

3  Selection

After your enquiry has been received, GIOYANNI ARTISTS immediately contacts every suitable musician. They can in turn, with one click, signal their interest and confirm accepting the work on offer. The musicians who reply most rapidly will have their CVs sent to the manager to ensure that an extra player can be found even at short notice.

4  Engagement

As soon as the orchestral manager has decided to take on one or more of the musicians, GIOYANNI ARTISTS will pass on contact details to allow both parties to implement the contract.  

Only at this point the orchestra will be charged our commission fee. Our agency is free of charge at every stage for musicians. It is also free for orchestral managers to register.


In the event of further questions about this process, you are welcome to contact us.